Text 16 Sep 11 notes New NYC Bike Share Program

Good news on the VMT-reduction front!  NYC is gearing up to start a new bike share program.  Slated to start in 2012, some questions still need to be answered about this membership-based program, including pricing structure and the location of the 600 stations.   There’s an open call for more ideas and hundreds of sites have already been suggested. 

The program will be piloted in the central business district and adjacent neighborhoods, according to NYC Department of Transportation (DOT) Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan, and according to Streetsblog, DOT is working on ways to provide service outside the pilot program area.  Alta Bicycle Share, the program operator, will be running the program without any public subsidy, which means that on the whole, all the sites need to be profitable.  Environmental justice and equity concerns mean that all communities should be able to access this laudable new service. 

Do you have examples, ideas or recommendations for helping to make this service accessible to all NYC residents?

Text 16 Sep Welcome to Sustainable Communities…

Greetings, and welcome to Sustainable Communities, a new blog on all things related to green, sustainable, resilient cities and towns.  I’m glad to be joining the community that is advancing this critical cause.  We’re just getting started, and welcome any and all ideas and feedback on our part of this creative, visionary, fun and vital cause. Looking forward to seeing what we can cook up!

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